Mike Eaton

01/14/2024 7:30 PM

Door Time: 6:30 PM

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Special Event Ages 21+
1511 S. Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Mike Eaton

The human embodiment of that little dance white girls do when you give them food, Mike Eaton is a lovable oaf and sweaty comedian from Austin, TX. A storyteller at heart with riveting, hilarious tales about that time he almost died or that other time he also almost died - none surprisingly having to do with his own heart - Mike’s comedy feels like old denim. It’s comfortable, loose, relaxed. Yeah, it’s got some wear on it but that's why you love it. There’s a reason Mike has opened for comedy staples like Tone Bell & Louis CK and been featured on prominent festivals like Skankfest, SXSW, and the Nashville Comedy Festival- and that reason is obviously bribery. When this two time Austin Roast Battle champion is not taste-testing drugs or releasing his own flavor of ice cream (for real), he can be caught perpetually giggling on stages all across Austin, the lonestar state and beyond. You can watch his debut special “Sunset Strip Presents: The Breakouts” streaming on YouTube.